“Apple and 4iiii Unveil Revolutionary Worlds First Bike Power Meter with Find My Technology in 2023”

4iiii, renowned for producing some of the best power meters for cycling, has teamed up with tech giant Apple to introduce the world’s first Bike Power Meter with Find My Technology. This groundbreaking collaboration enables users not only to locate their phones but also track the location of their bikes, ensuring added security and convenience.

Worlds First Bike Power Meter with Find My Technology

Worlds First Bike Power Meter with Find My Technology

President and CEO of 4iiii, Phil White, shared his vision for the partnership, stating, “We wanted to do more than just release another power meter. With the addition of Find My integration and seamless use with Apple devices through our app, the PRECISION+ platform truly demonstrates the potential of this technology as bikes (and their users) become smarter and more connected.”

The Find My technology is directly integrated into 4iiii’s new PRECISION+ power meter platform, providing cyclists with the ability to monitor their performance and easily track the whereabouts of their bikes using an Apple device. The PRECISION+ meters employ “real-time Terrain Auto-Optimizing,” utilizing both an accelerometer and a gyroscope to deliver accurate data across various terrains and during high RPM efforts.

To complement their power meters, 4iiii has developed a free-to-download app designed specifically for Apple Watch users. This app allows “seamless integration” via Bluetooth with a range of fitness sensors, including non-drive and dual-sided power meters, as well as the Viiiiva heart rate monitor, from both 4iiii and other manufacturers.

Cyclists using the app can access a wealth of valuable data, including live heart rate readings, ride statistics such as cadence, speed, and distance, as well as GPS routes saved in both Apple Fitness and Garmin FIT files. Furthermore, the app is natively configured as part of Apple’s Health Kit, enabling users to track various measurables, such as activity and calories burnt. Additionally, the app facilitates easy syncing to Strava for further analysis and sharing.

Eric Gerstenbuhler, Director of Global Operations, Sales, and Marketing for 4iiii, emphasized the simplicity of the innovation, stating, “The best innovations are the ones that simplify, not complicate. By adding our app into the Apple Watch environment, our riders can integrate with the tech they’re already wearing to have a convenient way to view, track, and analyze their rides.”

For cycling enthusiasts eager to experience this cutting-edge technology, the PRECISION 3+ power meters with Apple Find My integration are now available as Ride Ready on Shimano cranks or can be installed on existing cranks through 4iiii’s Factory Install program.

The ‘Ride’ Apple Watch app is currently accessible for free download in the app store through the 4iiii app, further enriching the cycling experience and making it more connected and data-driven than ever before. As technology continues to evolve, the partnership between 4iiii and Apple marks a significant step forward in the world of sports tech, promising more seamless and secure cycling experiences for enthusiasts worldwide.

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