7 Common Mistakes in Mountain Biking

Neglecting Safety Gear:  Avoiding proper safety gear increases the risk of injuries and accidents during mountain biking.

Skipping Bike Maintenance:

Neglecting bike maintenance leads to mechanical failures and compromises the bike's performance and rider's safety.

Overestimating Your Abilities:

Overestimating abilities can result in reckless behavior and accidents on challenging trails beyond one's skill level.

Poor Body Positioning:

Incorrect body positioning disrupts balance and control, causing difficulty in navigating obstacles and corners.

Ignoring Trail Etiquette:

Disregarding trail etiquette creates conflicts with other trail users and compromises the overall trail experience.

Insufficient Hydration and Nutrition:

Lack of proper hydration and nutrition during rides affects performance and endurance, risking health and safety.

Neglecting Mental Preparation:

Neglecting mental preparation hinders focus and confidence, impacting decision-making and enjoyment on the trails.